Speech and Language Therapy supports each child’s communication potential to ensure that he or she achieves the optimum from life.

The services provided by the Speech and Language Therapy Centre include assessment, diagnosis, therapy, training and educational support within an integrated context for each child.

Liaison with the child’s daily programmes and the child’s family and educators encourages rich communication environments for each child with speech, language and communication needs.

Children with difficulties such as developmental delay, expressive language delay, comprehension difficulties, specific language impairment, intellectual disability, autism spectrum disorder, speech delay or disorder will receive ongoing support within the Centre’s environment. Parents and Families are an inclusive part of the service and are guided through best ways to support the child as part of the therapy. In addition they are further supported through our policy of liaison and collaboration with significant others such as resource teachers and class teachers.

Areas we support include:

• Speech production and articulation
• Pre-verbal communication
• Expressive Language
• Language comprehension
• Auditory processing and listening skills
• Assistive technology
• Phonological awareness and pre- reading support
• Fluency/ stammering and voice
• Social-pragmatic skills

Children are seen on an individual and group basis. Parents are our strongest partners and are supported to enable and empower their children in their new found skills. Therapeutic visits are seen as a time to set ongoing goals, recommend relevant activites for the child, coach,model and demonstrate ideal and individualised activities with parents. Ongoing home and school support to the child’s goals will enhance optimum outcomes.