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Speech and Language Difficulties


3PupetsMany young children have speech, language and communication difficulties, which may stand alone or be associated with other challenges for example, sensory processing, hearing impairment; developmental issues, intellectual disability, autism spectrum.

Children may have challenges in language expression and comprehension; speech production or articulation; language memory or word retrieval; using spoken or nonverbal communication to interact socially.

They may find it difficult to put sentences together so that they can be understood (expressive language difficulty) or to remember words and their meanings. They may have difficulty understanding what others say (receptive language difficulty). Otitis media (glue ear) causes intermittent hearing impairment, which may affect communication and learning. Some children use mispronunciations in speech or may have a delay in following the expected developmental pattern.

For more information about any of these topics, please see Irish Association of Speech & Language Therapists at http://www.iaslt.ie/newFront/Documents/PublicInformation/

Independent Speech-Language Therapists of Ireland – https://isti.ie/topic/frequently-asked-questions/