_0001_Mari-InteriorPlayArea4Welcome to the website of Speech and Language Therapy Practice, Kilcolgan.  Mari Caulfield has a private practice providing assessment, intervention, consultation and training for children and families with speech, language and communication needs. Consultation and training support are also provided to staff working with families, for example, educators, in-home tutors etc.

Established in 2,000 she specializes in working with children with speech, language, communicating and relating difficulties including developmental delay, speech disorders, specific language impairment, intellectual disability and autism spectrum disorder.

Services include speech, language and communication assessment, developmental intervention and therapy, consultancy, family support and training.

Over the years, Mari has received recognition both at home and abroad and has been invited frequently to lecture and teach in the UK, USA, Australia & New Zealand.

The website has been designed as an introduction to current practice and services and to provide relevant resources for families.